Wholesale Marketing: Commodities & Products

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BHM Agrimart offers its Services for Marketing to Bulk Purchasers, through its OnLine Trading Platform (OLTP), in Forward Auctions Mode; to service the Needs of

1. Stockists of Agricultural Commodities.
2. Farmer Producers Organisations (FPOs).
3. Processing Houses engaged in Processing of Agricultural Commodities, for :
(a) For Sale as Refined Raw Commodities.
(b)For Sale as Packaged Consumer Goods.

Since OLTP is a Real Time Price Discovery Tool, it yields most Best Prices, in Forward Auctions Mode. Bulk Producers of Agri-Commodities & Groceries, looking for Best Prices for their Products are invited to empanel themselves with BHM Agrimart, and avail our Services, at affordable costs; through the Contact Us Form. We shall get in touch with you, soon.