The Company is offering the following

  1. A Transparent OLTP with exposure to multiple buyers PAN INDIA
  2. LMS to provide uptodate knowledge of Farming and Associated industry
  3. Exposure to new Crops that fetches more money so that the income per Unit land will be many fold/
  4. Educating and Promoting Rural youth to Agriculture and Allied industrial business.
  5. Educating of different benevolent schemes of Govt and Banks etc

a.Farmers Crops sale through Auction in OLTP

b..Sale of Fertiliser,Insecticides,Seeds etc etc to Farmers through OLTP

c..Providing knowledge of Farming and improved techniques,New Crops etc

d.Dissemination of different Govt programs, facility from Banks etc

a.For Franchiees ,the access to OLTP is given and thereby earn a percentage of Sales done by Farmers.

b.For Franchiees ,the access to OLTP is given and thereby earn a percentage of Purchases of Fertiliser,Insecticides,Seeds,Agricultural implements etc bought by Farmers.

c.Of traing programs conducted 60% of the Fees collected is given to Franchisee.

d. Rent for warehouse will be collected by Franchisee from Farmers.

The Franchisees will be given training of conduct of business,Training programs etc.They will be supported by AgroBiz by way ofaccess to OLTP and commission will be given on all trades.They have to contact and enlist the farmers in their locality and also the Food Processing units and introduce the OLTP.Also Franchisee should provide Warehousing Facility to keep the Farm Crops safely. They should arrange to provide Fertiliser,Insecticides,Seeds ,Agricultual implements etc to the Farmers through OLTP.They have to arrange to conduct the Training Programs for Farmers and Youth interested in farming and Associated business.with the LMS provided .They will be getting commission on all trades and 60% of Training Fees collected.They can also arrange Agro products sorting ,Cleanig and Packaging for Sale as a Value improved product. They should arranfge Food processing units in their locality such as Wheat & Rice Flour, Fruits juices,Jams etc and manufacture of Organic Fertilisers and Insecticides.

The responsibility of Francisees are as follows

1.Identify Farmers in their locality

2.Provide warehouse,either build or Rent for farmers to stock their crops.

3. Provide warehouse,either build or Rent for storing of items proposed for selling to Farmers.

4.Trading of Raw materials (buying & Selling)

5.Mobilisation of Entrepreneurs for storage,processing and packaging of Raw Farm products

6. Identify Processing houses in their locality

7.Locating Entrepreners to establish Processing units

8.Selling of Plant and Machinery to local Entrepreneurs.

9.Conducting Training programs for improving farm production.

10.Conduct Training Programs for Farmers an would be farmers using Audio visual classes.

11.Asist farmers for their Banking and Govt Dept affairs.

The income of Agro Business Entrepreneurs will be as follows

1)Warehouse Rental on Stocks.

2) Trading Commission on Stocks trading on OLTP.(0.56%)

3)Trading margins from the Farm inputs such as Fertilisers,Pesticides Hi-Q seeds,Farming Implements etc etc

4).Commission at 2% to 5% of Project costs,from the new projects promoted byTechnomark through them

5)Service charges(65%) for Farm exention support (involving Training& Technology transfer)

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