Horticulture Commodity Trading Platform – BHM Agrimart

Soil Testing

Soil is the backbone of our food security, and a valuable asset for farmers.

Just like how a foundation for a home is critical, healthy soils act as a foundation for plants. 

Farmers should be aware of the type and quantity of nutrients available for the management of soil fertility. The required amount of elements available for a particular crop should be managed in such a way that the fertility of the soil does not decrease, as well as plants get balanced nutrition. For this soil testing can be used to determine the exact elements present in the soil.

Soil tests are important to optimise the use of inputs, and to protect the environment from contamination by runoff and leaching of excessive fertilisers.

Therefore, BHM AgriMart has prepared a roadmap to guide every farmer about soil testing and collecting soil samples from their farm, and based on the soil test report we interpret and give the best suitable and personalised solutions.