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In India, more than 60 per cent of the population is engaged in farming, contributing about 18% of the country’s GDP. Over the past few years, the agro-industry has gone through a roller coaster ride, witnessing changes and advancements in farming approaches and techniques. Technologies have evolved, and sustained innovations prevail to increase yield and reduce costs. Even though farmers can now use smartphones and the internet to learn about the best ways to farm, the rate of adoption of agricultural technologies in India is still not good enough.

Factors like a lack of trusted sources of information, poor literacy, inability to comprehend scientific messages, and a stubborn belief in traditional systems affect technological adoption. Though modernization isn’t refused altogether, bad communication and complicated infrastructure make farmers hesitant to use new ideas.


BHM Agrimart works towards transforming agriculture to make farming intelligent, sustainable and profitable. With state of the art soil testing facility we provide targeted solutions to help in bringing increased uniformity of nutrient availability across the fields for more uniform crop growth thus reducing soil risks like erosion, degradation,etc.

We provide a highly interactive and easy to use e- commerce platform for farmers and businesses to expand their reach and become leaders along with generating heavy employment opportunities for others.

With one on one consultancy we aim at bridging the gap between fields and homes and provide assured returns to farmers and agri houses.

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